PhD: being uploaded

I am deeply interested in the service art and the artist provides to well-being, particularly to those who have experienced trauma, grief and loss.   This interest was explored through a recently completed a PhD.    The thesis is now on-line and can be down-loaded (through SECASA and Victoria University)   It will be available here soon. The project was undertaken with the support of the South East Centre Against Sexual Assault. (SECASA).

In the first phase of the project, women who have experienced sexual abuse participated in a community mosaic group – where skills in mosaic making and developing creativity were taught and developed.  Photos of this phase are below.   The second phase involved working with essentially the same group of women to explore themes of grief and loss.
This research examined the contribution of being part of a community and what working with an artist provides participants.  The research focused on creating art acknowledging the grief and loss that has come from an experience of sexual trauma.   These are now on-going projects, running in various SECASA locations each year.
I am very grateful to the women who participated and to SECASA who provided staff, material  and so much
other support.  Their openness and generosity of all towards this me and the work is deeply appreciated.
Recent work, explores grief and loss resulting from trauma.

Much of my interest lies in materials, how they respond under tension, and what each can bring to
the subject.  Glass, bone, wire, clay, wax, mosaic, fabric, plaster and thread are amongst the materials
being used.  Most works are small and even tiny; they hang from the ceiling, sit in drawers, are nailed
to the walls…
The work explores themes of  pain, loss, mourning, anger,  transformation and other emotions that
occurs  within those who have experienced trauma.  It speaks of the long-term impact of trauma and
grief and suggests what might be gained when we look deeply and closely into these shadowy subjects.

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