I paint, work in clay, construct, draw, take photos, and make artist books.  I practice my art everyday in many ways and places – in the studio, in the community, through writing and publication of papers, teaching, through community and public art projects and professional development training.  I have exhibited widely.


I received my PhD (Victoria University, Melbourne) for research into the effects of arts practice on recovery after trauma, loss and grief (sexual abuse).  This is a field that continues to be immensely important to me. I received a Master of Fine Arts (Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne) for research into the artist’s response into the impacts of the First World War.  I have built much of my creative life upon the artist’s role in expressing and responding to the most profound human experiences.



My research into trauma, grief and loss has led to acclaimed installation exhibitions that speak to those  feelings which are so hard to describe in words.  I continue to work closely with victims of sexual abuse and family violence, and those experiencing life-threatening illness and their family and friends who share feelings of loss and grief.

I established ART for Soothing & Strengthening in 2018.  This is a program – and statement – to acknowledge that art making offers these things – especially at those critical times in life when they are most needed.  I provide on-going private art groups for people affected by sexual assault, domestic violence and other trauma (many people who are affected by trauma also experience mental illness);  groups for people in grief; for caring professionals.  I offer professional development training, and Imagination training for better residential aged care.

I am a registered NDIS provider, a Professional Affiliate of the Australian Psychological Society, a member of the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, and have done Child Safe Training.

I  co-founded Artists in Community International with performing artist Alex Pinder.  From 2004 until 2018 we ran many projects with communities throughout India, Nepal and Thailand, and individually within Australia; we taught Social Work Students and teachers, worked in schools, and with extremely underprivileged communities.  We worked within the focus of education and health, using the arts as the most wonderful, and an effective, route to improving the lives of many.  You may be interested in looking at our separate website. www.artistsincommunity.me

I have published a number of articles and contributed to journals and  books on the subject of arts practice in recovery from trauma, and community development, as well as presenting my work through conferences in Australia and abroad.  Thank you for your interest in my work.


16 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Art and music arre the true definition of being human as it reveals emotional sensations and feelings of self to others

      • Hello Anne
        You’ve been doing a great work for the community , I’m from Nepal and you have helped here we are very thankful for that . Your thoughts in one way is creative and in other is very helpful. i am a ceramist and have been working with different types of clay earthen ware,stone ware and so on ,i want to know where is your work shop here in nepal and want to know how can i be a part of your community. (haribolceramic@gmail.com)

      • Thank you for your comments, kind words and offer. We have loved working in Nepal and engaging creatively with the communities there. Unfortunately we will not be coming to Nepal on the next tour … so cannot take up your offer to collaborate. But we will be coming later on – so please keep in touch. Warm wishes from us, Anne and Alex

  2. Hello Anne
    You have been doing a great work for the community.Your work in one way is creative and in other is helpful. I am from Nepal and you’ve help here so, we are very thankful for that. I am a ceramist and have been working on different types of clay like earthen ware,stone ware and so on .I would like to know where is your workshop here in Nepal andwould like to know how can I be a part of your project.(haribolceramic@gmail.com)

  3. Hello Anne How are you It is Kerry and Family we helped paint the spring theme painting that was done at peter mac how is my angel rabbit going , i Just wanted to say you are amazing so multi talented and super wise and we want to say thank You for being THERE ox 🙂

  4. Hi Anne. You did a photo for the cover of Mike Martin’s book A Long Ways From Home.

    The house in the photo is one that my mother actually grew up in and I’m trying to find out a bit more information on it, as to when it was taken exactly as there are people in front of the house and it would be great to know who as I am hoping to get in touch with the author to try and get an autographed copy of the book for my mom for Christmas. Anyway, I’m not sure this is the right way to get a hold of you but I figured I would try anyway.

    Thanks so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


    Jason Pike

  5. Never before in my life have I met someone so consistent and passionate as Anne in my recovery from physical / sexual assault and emotional neglect. I have been working with Anne online for a year now and this woman hasn’t abandoned me when I have struggled. I feel supported, heard and encouraged as we slowly unravel the mess and even find room for some laughs :). I highly recommend Anne to anyone experiencing the effects of trauma as art is gentle soothing and strengthening and our work together has helped me more than words can express.

    • Thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful reflection of the year we have spent together making art and talking. I am really honoured that you feel that way, but more importantly, that the work has supported you. I have loved watching you develop your art making skills and finding gentler and more positive ways to express your experiences and suffering.

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