The Creative Space. PhD thesis

I am deeply interested in the service art and the artist provides to well-being, particularly to those who have experienced trauma, grief and loss.   This interest was explored through a PhD.    The thesis is now on-line and can be down-loaded here.  ANNE RIGGS Thesis-1  The project was undertaken with the support of the South East Centre Against Sexual Assault. (SECASA).

In the first phase of the project, women who have experienced sexual abuse participated in a community mosaic group – where skills in mosaic making and developing creativity were taught and developed.   The second phase involved working with essentially the same group of women  exploring themes of grief and loss.

This research examined the contribution of being part of a community and what working with an artist provides participants and focused on creating art acknowledging the grief and loss that has come from an experience of sexual trauma.  These are now on-going projects, running in various SECASA locations each year.

A third aspect of the PhD was the creation of an exhibition “In the Shadows” which has been exhibited in a number of venues now and images of that can be seen on this blog.

I am very grateful to the women who participated and to SECASA who provided staff, material  and so much other support and  I deeply appreciate the openness and generosity I received during this project and research.

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