Connections Group Mosaic

This beautiful mosaic was created by a group of women who have a shared experience of family violence and/or sexual abuse and attend the Connections Art group once a week.   The participants share in a creative experience to gain or restore some of what is lost through the negative events that brought them to the group, such a low self esteem,  a loss of their ability to create, loss of confidence in being part of a community.

This mosaic is one of many created during the 2013 group ….  other works were  created onto handbags as a metaphor for  the processes of the group : creating beauty out of the baggage that brought each person to the group.   Originally the intention for this mosaic was to put it onto a shopping trolley – but as the work progressed, it become more and more beautiful and loved.  The group decided to put it flat onto a board for easier display in the Connections office in Windsor.

The mosaic is a reflection of each person in the group …. their loves, their interests, their enjoyments. For some it is the colour, others the shape,  the bird is a symbol of freedom they now feel, most felt a great love of nature.  But  most important is the way the individuals come together in this work as a community – their ability to find a place for themselves in the work and the group through their creativity, individual skills and interests.

The concepts began as a series of word and visual sketches, talking and drawing,  and were drawn together into this design by visual arts student Adrienne Strevens, who is on placement with the group.  The work took about eight weeks to complete — we love it and hope you do to!

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    • Thank you Aimee for your enthusiastic response. The women will love to hear of it. You are right – art is a wonderful way to find so much of what is lost through abuse as well as a way to express some of the hurt and anger. Best wishes. Anne

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