Two Trees : Australian Artists Afghan Women

Moved by the news and stories of the difficult lives of Afghan people, and espeically women, artist and dear friend Gali Weiss responded by collecting together a group  of Australian women artists to create a series of artists books.   These would be sent somehow to Afghan women in Afghanistan as a gift  and as a gesture of solidarity: with a message that we were conscious and empathetic of their plight.

At the time, 2010, I was working on  my thesis and missed many invitations to meetings and deadlines … but Gali’s quiet persistence and patience left space for me. And I am so grateful for that.  Over the years the project has grown from an idea, to an engagement with  the women in Afghanistan, to exhibitions, conference presentations and now the publication of a most beautiful book  TWO TREES.  

TWO TREES was launched in Melbourne last week  at a wonderful evening where the story of the books was told by Gali, where women gathered to see and purchase the books, where the stories within the books were read aloud.

The original artists’ books have been purchased by the Queensland Library with the sale price being donated to further support Afghan women literacy projects.   If you are interested and able to purchase the book (details below), the money raised further supports these people.   Purchase one if you can $38.

Gali tells the story below:

Two Trees  Gali

Two Trees  Gali

Two Trees  Gali 3

Two Trees  Gali 4


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