Survivors quotes

On this page I am posting responses from participants of our art groups for survivors of sexual assault and family violence.   I hope they will encourage survivors in their recovery, and others to see how valuable participating in creative art groups is for those who have suffered.  I will be adding to this post.


From the SECASA 2013 GROUPS:

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June, 2014 from the SECASA Clay Group :



“I am glad I made the effort to come today.   I enjoyed doing one art today in a group instead of being alone.  Everyone made me feel welcome.  I was very quiet and reserved today – personal stuff that is upsetting.”


“11.04.2013 – starting a new mosaic group

Felt tired coming here.   But excited.   Doing something new and with new people.   Hope I can make something I really like and can be proud of.”


2nd week.  Tile cutters : learnt how to use both.  While learning the first cutter I felt “ah, I can’t get it”.   Negative thoughts in my head.   Then it was gone as I was able to learn.

Glad.   I enjoyed what I was doing today – like making the mirror. Disappointed that I won’t be able to make next week’s group  and learn how to do the grout – oh well, I will learn it next time.”


“Learning and growing together – encouraging each other.  Open and safe caring environment.  Seeing the progress in my own and others’ work.   Laughter. Fun. Creativity.

Slow progression – but OK.  Gradually taking shape.   WOW!   Group piece starting to take shape – feel part of it – hard at first but once started, it evolved into something I am proud of.”  H



First Day mosaic group (Connections). “Changed my mood from despondent and dark to sense of achievement mindfulness and community.  Shifted my focus.” F

4.10 2013

“Began work on my mosaic – I am really happy with how it is progressing and I am looking forward to continuing work on it next week.  I think I will put more beads and light into my work.

It has made me think that I am always in such a rush to get to the end of things though.  I am impatient and that’s something I need to work on because in relationships I push hard and fast because I want to know how things will turn out – so I don’t let them happen naturally and there are many gaps because I am too impatient.


Finished off my mosaic this week    I am happy with the result, though the beads are more difficult than expected because they don’t stick easily.  Mosaic is not a favourite medium of mine which is why I am not thrilled but I am happy to have completed it and have tried something new – I am looking forward to working with clay next week.”  T


“Being part of this group is so relaxing and fun!!” Q


“Absolutely astonished that I am able to use the tile cutters as I didn’t think it was possible for me.   I gave it a go, believed in me and it happened!!”


Felt really proud of myself for buying a tile cutter during the week!  I believed in my capabilities and that’s a huge thing for me.   I cut up a whole box of tiles to put on to my mirror.


Felt SO PROUD of having completed my vase – achieving wonderful cutting techniques that I never thought possible.

After having completed grouting it I suddenly felt GUILTY for being happy.   Feel so GUILTY like it’s not OKAY for me.  But it is Okay for others to feel happy.   It comes down to lack of worthiness.


Got through the whole 3-hours without the emotions getting the better of me.   This definitely feels like a huge achievement as I have a huge amount of grief that follows me everywhere I go.   I feel very proud of myself.”  S