In the brick factories : labouring


children are involved in brick making in many brick factories. This little girl was helping her mother before coming to join the art class.



Young men and women carrying loads of raw bricks to the kilns on their backs. They are paid by the number of bricks they carry – each load is usually between 32-38 bricks. They carry in a traditional Nepali way, with the head and neck bearing a lot of the burden.



Young women preparing to return to work after their break. Tying her headscarf.



Two young brick carriers. The young man on the right has some head support under the scarf. He was an active participant in our art classes for the carriers.



Wetting down the clay to prepare it for brick making. Much of this work is still done by hand, although in some brick factories, bulldozers are doing some of this now. Many workers get up around 1am to start this process so they have clay ready for brick making during the day. After wetting down, they dig over the clay by hand to made it malleable.