MakeDoTell 2017 fundraising.


What is it?

MakeDoTell is a skills based, arts and education, and arts and health project. We run it in partnership with communities,  in schools and higher education, alongside health workers, teachers, social workers and artist to enhance wellbeing, access to education, and better health. We strive to nurture creativity and the imagination in our participants – which can be applied in aspects of life.

MakeDoTell: making art and theatre, being creative, learning, making childhood fun.

MakeDoTell: doing drama and art together, being active.

MakeDoTell: being resourceful and adaptable.

MakeDoTellgiving participants a voice through the arts.  Creating stories of participants’ lives.


MakeDoTell 2017

is  happening in India.   In addition to returning to the saltpans, we will spend most of our time training students and community leaders in arts practice for community development.  This is in response to needs expressed by our partners in India as well as being good community development practice.   Community leaders receive training so that skills and projects can be adapted, owned and run by, and within, particular communities.

So we are asking you, once again, to jump on board and support the work. 


I’d love to! but how?

You can support our work through a direct donation to Artists in Community International.  We have changed our payment method to save on administrative costs associated with crowd-sourcing sites.  You can do this though 

Bendigo Bank 

BSB 633 000

Account : 135792174

Name : Artists in Community International (Anne Riggs and Alex Pinder)

(for those who have donated in the past : please note that this method means the donation will leave your account immediately)


Where in India?

We will be returning to the Salt Pans for our fifth visit. This time we will work in the community schools, helping support the teachers to bring imagination and creative practice into the classroom.

The project here has developed gently for five years. In that time, we have forged strong relationships with many people in this desert community. We have run art projects in the salt workers’ huts and last year, in the tiny local saltpan school. These projects happen with the invaluable input and support of our Indian colleagues Dhanraj Malik, Tarif Khan and local teachers. We are very excited to be expanding this project to include more of these small schools.

Whilst in this desert area, we intend to run some workshops in the local high school and after school program for children who have little access to resources.


p1040764the salt pan school where we were earlier this year. 

little space for drama, but we manage.

tight spaces for big people!

Our second stop will be at the Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad, where we will be working with middle-school students on their community engagement program.

We then head to south Gujarat to Baroda University to work with Social Work students, training them in community engagement using the arts – particularly in trauma recovery.

We then cross India to return to Kolkata in West Bengal to work alongside artist Maura Hurley – with whom Anne worked last year.   We will be running an arts program at Lumbini hospital, for people with mental illness,  as well as with children whose mothers work in the sex industry.

dsc_0951one of the paintings done by patients at Lumbini done earlier this year – inspired by artworks made by Western Desert Aboriginal Artists, Australia.   Seeing the paintings was awe-inspiring for these enthusiastic participants – they had never seen anything like them before. They were totally absorbed in creating their  artworks in their own unique way.


How can I help?

By donating!   We need to raise $7000 by 20 NOVEMBER to make this project happen.

The details again :

Bendigo Bank

BSB 633 000

Account : 135792174

Name : Artists in Community International (Anne Riggs and Alex Pinder)


and don’t forget! please forward on to YOUR networks and ask them to support MAKE DO TELL 2017.