Matchbox art

 A simple and easy project to engage people of all ages and abilities.   The more involved and the more boxes made, the better!  I did this project with my Community Development students – each person had to create at least 20 matchbox art works, either by themselves or with their community.   The effect of 100s of them was fab, and the project ended up on the cover of a Community Development Book, edited by Dr Venkat Pulla.

Pop Up Art Event, Chelsea Heights Community Centre 

Made by patients and carers, Chemo day unit. Peter Mac



Aged care and family group projects.

2 thoughts on “Matchbox art

  1. Anne Riggs.
    Is an artist-social activist.
    She creates ‘hope’

  2. Anne Riggs
    Is an artist-social activist
    She creates ‘hope”.

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