2018 SECASA Calendar

Our tenth SECASA Calendar.  

The calendar is produced each year to showcase the work made in the art groups I run with the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault.   It is a terrific vehicle to show off the creativity of the people who have experienced sexual assault and/or family violence …. many of whom  came to our groups with extremely low self esteem and find they are really creative.

For others yet to seek help, the calendar is a way to let them know that help is available.  And, that recovery from these difficult and challenging experiences is possible.


Download here 172207 SECASA 2018 Calendar_LoRes final


Counsellor comment :

ANNE RIGGS THE NEW CALENDAR IS SENSATIONAL!!!  Best ever yet!  Can it even get better?!  Now, I really do not think so



Participant Comment :

was thrilled to pick up the 2018 Calendar today.   I love the lighting and how you have arranged all my artworks.  It adds an extra element of beauty to them.  Thank you for everything!   The art group has been a lifeline …

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