Petrified. Bird studies.

curious enquiry 

an abandoned railway station

searching, but not knowing for what

until I found it

I returned from working in Nepal to Australia in February. Each time I do this, there is a feeling of disjuncture followed by long period of re-adjustment.   

I took a drawing road trip into Western Victoria to re-calibrate.   Behind a disused railway station, I found a heap of discarded dead birds, a range of species, many fledgings, interred in their own waste. The dessicated and disorted bodies spoke of immense suffering.

The unlived lives of these contorted bodies serve as a metaphor for the landscape that has been destroyed, no longer able to support the natural world.  In their human-like gestures, they suggest shared suffering.


The concertina book is made of 20 drawings, it is about four metres long x 380 mm high.