Valuing and caring for staff.

I have been having a few conversations in the last little while about the incredible work that people do throughout the year and about organisations who truly value their  the commitment, skills and input of those who contribute to the community. Proper pay and conditions are obviously critical to a satisfying career and happy workplace, but alongside these, acknowledging and appreciating the hard work are also crucial.

The Yarra Ranges Council put on a staff wellbeing/appreciation morning in December for community workers and some of the council staff. The idea is to give back to those who spend their working life in the service of the community and everyone who works at a local service is invited. It is a lovely idea and really values the contributions so many make to make our community a better place to live. They were also very successful in putting on a perfect day weather-wise.  And a gorgeous vegetarian lunch too  They provided  a range of activities to choose from, including art.

Many who attended the art activity work within the community with people affected by trauma, mental illness, the hardships of life; some were working with youth, in education, and in positions that are demanding, stressful, or responsive to highly stressful situations – such as bushfires.

I very much enjoyed sharing the morning with them in this creative space; and with time to relax, let to know them a little and watch them discover the joy of creating a matchbox gallery.  


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If you would like to organise a similar staff appreciation, wellbeing or training day, complete the form below and I will be in touch.