2019 SECASA Calendar

The calendar is produced each year to showcase the work made in the art groups I run with the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault.   It is a terrific vehicle to show off the creativity of the people who have experienced sexual assault and/or family violence …. many of whom  came to our groups with extremely low self esteem and find they are really creative.  It is a public testament and tribute to the women who participate in these groups – a positive affirmation that change and growth is possible and does happen . 

Congratulations to all the women who came to the groups, who shared their creativity with each other, and are now sharing in the public realm.  Congratulations to SECASA, who continue to lead the way in providing a range of options for survivors of abuse to find their way to recovery.

As always I am amazed by the art work the women produced.  It just gets more creative every year.  Those women must be so proud of themselves. Words about the 2019 calendar from a participant from an earlier SECASA art group.

The SECASA calendars are designed with care – they are look great  – you will want to put one up in your home and office and be inspired.  They are designed so that others yet to seek help may discover and know that help is available, a hopeful signpost that recovery from these difficult and challenging experiences is possible.  Big thanks to Ken Galvin at Allanby Press for his thoughtful input and work in the design of this and many previous calendars. 

You can collect a copy of the calendar from any SECASA office; or download here.  172207 SECASA 2019 Calendar FINAL

Below are some of the images in this year’s calendar.

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