an artwork a day

My 2020 New Year’s resolution was to start and finish an artwork each day for the entire year. It was such a great thing to do – especially in 2020 as it turned out. My recollections of the year are not so much about restrictions and difficulties, but of the freedom to spend each evening with my art, and an audio book.

I have a new resolution for 2021 which includes more writing; however, for the time being I am keeping up the daily practice of making a work a day. This little set of small watercolour/inks, each 160 mm x 160 mm, was made over only a few January days. They are quick; painted wet into wet and capture something of the misty weather and dynamic clouds over the Tasmanian landscape where I recently spent two weeks. Although it was officially summer at the time, actually it was bit wintry … but lovely and always changing.