Twelve tiny books (10 x 8 cm) created over twelve days in 2020, currently in the FLORA exhibition at Heritage Hill, City of Greater Dandenong until 1 May 2021.

Flora is an immersive art program that explores the importance, beauty and fragility of nature and the plant world. Through a series of exhibitions, installations and events across the City of Greater Dandenong, Flora will offer new perspectives and renew our wonder for the plant world.”

At the start of 2020 I made a New Year’s Resolution to create one artwork per day, each day for the entire year. These little books were created towards the end of the winter; each a record, a study of a plant or flower, leaf or tree from my home garden or a street tree. We were in lockdown for most of the winter … for me it was a lovely time to enjoy creating and studying aspects of nature in my little books.

Many thanks to David Pool from Wildash Bookbinding for helping me with the covers.

I encourage you to visit the FLORA exhibitions which are located across a range of sites in the City of Greater Dandenong – they are very beautiful. Further details https://test.greaterdandenong.vic.gov.au/flora