Grasses, nature studies

This series of drawings was created as part of my artwork-a-day project for 2020.

It began with a walk just outside Kyneton where I noticed the different dry grasses. I added to that collection with grasses I found along the beach, in the local cemetery and near my home. I enjoy spending my evenings drawing or painting, often doing nature studies. I also get through a lot of audio books.

As you know, Melbourne has spent rather a long time in lock down during 2020, and again in 2021. This project gave form to my evenings, as well as time to relax and focus on the joy of making. These drawings were done in December and January, after the lock down had ended for the year, but I was immersed in the habit.

The paper is folded as I intended to make them into a small book; in the end I decided to present them in a box beautifully made by my bookbinder friend, David Pool of Wildash Bookbinding.