looking and being

These two small artists books are about looking and nature and what changes us. One is also about memory, the other how we may be changed by how we see our environment. 

I made Untangle at the end of last year after a day out at Coolart, a wetland and historic house on the Mornington Peninsula. It was a really lovely day – I think the first escapade I had been on after a long lockdown here in Victoria. As I picked up a few things from the beach, and wandered around, I was also remembering the last time I was there – maybe five years earlier – when I was  with two people who are now gone.    

I am learning to accept transience.  

Each page of Untangle is about 7 x 10 cm.

The 2nd book, at the edge of visibility began with noticing a strange coloured leaf as I was out on a walk.  I picked it up from a house that I really like, but which will soon be demolished.

Another leaf in this book was picked up from the front lawn when I was visiting a friend who is very unwell – I look at that image, and wonder how her story will unfold.

My own garden is a sanctuary. It is the steady earth for me and others – for the myriad creatures who share the space with me, for the women who come here and find refuge, friends and family. So much has been heightened by the pandemic; living within a small zone, having to look and be in such a confined space. Sometimes you enter or pass a space and it changes you.