Below are a number of papers I have written or given about various aspects of my work and art in the community.   If you find any thing useful and would like to quote some of my work please credit me : Anne Riggs, PhD Artist.   Thanks  There are others still to come.


The Un’not’ting Anne Riggs         The Un’Not’ting  Images (big file!)

International Conference on Coping and Resilience, Nepal 2012

ART AGAINST OBLIVION (2013) unpublished


shaping moulding transforming.  The role of creative arts in healing

Article published in DVRC News Edition 3, Spring/Summer 2011.  Domestic Violence Resource Centre of Victoria.

RIGGS. Art in the Shadows : Art that reveals, transforms and restores

International Conference of Strengths Based Practice  Brisbane 9-11 July 2010


Showcase of Practice Forum,  CASA House, Melbourne 2010. Paper given to sexual assault and other workers.

Women Making Art Making Women symposium.     Victoria University.  6 November 2008


8th International Conference on Grief and Bereavement,  Melbourne 2008

Probing the Boundaries.  PERSONS INTIMACY and LOVE.   International Conference, Salzburg, Austria  2008


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