Art and DisAbility

Paintings from a couple of workshops with adults who have an intellectual disability.   We were working with  limited colour palettes as you can see from the vibrancy of the paintings.  Nature and portraits are the two themes are running through this series of paintings.

I always enjoy running these workshops and seeing the incredible pleasure and commitment participants have to creating and painting.  I like to share ideas as well as inspiration from nature and artists, as well as photos, fabrics and other bits and pieces I have collected from travelling.   I sometimes see carers and workers look bewildered at the ideas being offered to participants – the less experienced ones have yet to see the wonder of these adults learning skills, understanding and interpreting concepts, and expressing them through their art.   Soon the room settles into an art space and hours go by in the pleasure of painting, putting up the work to enjoy and then reflecting on the days work and achievements.

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