NEW group for families beginning August, 2015

NEW group starting on 24 August, 2015 at South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault, East Bentleigh (Melbourne).   This is for parents, (grandparents, carers) and children – where someone in the family has been sexually abused, and/or the family is affected by family violence. 

These groups are fun, creative, and aim to help develop better family relationships and communication.  You can see images and read comments from previous groups by searching TOTEM on this website.

There are couple of videos about previous projects here : Vanessa and Annie.    Maurice

TOTEM 2015 EB (PDF version of flyer)






2 thoughts on “NEW group for families beginning August, 2015

  1. Hi Anne, Sounds like a wonderful group and I would love to join your group with my granddaughter amd possibly my daugher, but she has Choir on mondays. If you have another group that may be on another day, I have my granddaughter on Friday afternoons, but I could arrange with family that we could attend any other day. Thanks Anne for inviting me, Regards, Gayle x

    • HI Gayle – thanks for your response. Monday is the only day I have available now – except Fridays – but the general thought was that Friday afternoons wouldn’t work for most people. Sad that that is the only day that works for you! I thought you two might enjoy it. Hope things are going well for you Gayle. Anne x

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