Finalist 2015 Hutchins Prize and exhibition











Nine artists books : A small library on suffering and joy.  Finalist in the 2015 Art Prize.   


Hutchins Art Prize History

The Hutchins Art Prize is a nationally recognised biennial award for works on paper. Artists throughout Australasia and the Pacific Rim may enter.

2015 is the fourteenth year of Hutchins Art Prize. Its evolution from humble beginnings in 1997 to a major national award has been most rewarding. A dramatic increase in entries has occurred over the years. The 2015 Hutchins Art Prize will be the fifth to be staged as a biennial award. The change to a two year format has allowed greater prize money to be offered whilst expanding the competition’s national profile.

The Hutchins Art Prize is a show of national significance, giving Hobart’s art lovers and students a unique opportunity to view work by many of Australia’s leading established and emerging artists.

A prime objective of the Hutchins Art Prize is to highlight the commitment of The Hutchins School to fostering cultural activities for its students. Students are encouraged to take a close interest in the exhibition, and parents and the wider community are presented with a broader perspective of the School.

DATES : Tuesday 8 September – Sunday 20 September

LOCATION :  71 Nelson Road,  Sandy Bay Tasmania 7005