Art for Soothing & Strengthening : Bereaved Parents Art Group

Bereaved Parents Art groups 

are a response to a much voiced need for bereaved parents to come together to express their grief,  share their grief with others who understand, and to mourn their longed-for babies who died.


“The death of a baby brings profound sorrow,” says Dr Renée Miller, Perinatal Clinical Psychologist.  The expression of this loss is beyond words. “Throughout pregnancy, parents are primed to nurture and protect their babies. A relationship has been formed. A future has been imagined.

When a baby dies, parents can feel heartbroken, lost, empty, isolated. Bereaved parents can anticipate future milestones with trepidation. Bereaved parents can feel that healing is impossible and that no one understands what they are going through, except other bereaved parents.”


Bereaved parents are welcomed into my garden studio to explore, create and express their grief and love through art. I have developed Art for Soothing and Strengthening to provide a shared creative space for groups of people processing grief, loss and trauma.

In the bereaved parents groups you don’t need to tell your story.  Comfort can be found by just being in the presence of other bereaved parents, while immersing yourself in your own creative expression. Ongoing bonds may emerge.

Art experience is not necessary. Clay is provided, along with soothing music, good coffee, and a nurturing environment.  You are welcome to book for one or more groups.   

I am a studio artist, with a PhD and an on-going research background in arts practice for recovery from trauma, loss and grief.  I invite you to visit other pages here my  for more information, pictures and stories about these types of groups.

When:          Saturday mornings

30 March

6 April

27 April

4 May

25 May

1 June

Time:             10am to 1pm

Where:           garden studio Highett . 

Cost :            $80 per session per person, materials and morning tea included.

                       $150 for two sessions, $220 for three sessions

Booking:        is essential.  Book through TryBooking

Enquiries:     Anne Riggs.   You are welcome to call 0417 526 636. or email


Download flyer Bereaved Parents 2019

Please contact me if you would like to organise an  tailor-made Art for Soothing & Strengthening program or event.