Art for Soothing & Strengthening : Calendar of workshops

Imagination! Training for aged care providers and workers.  Provided directly in the workplace, designed and booked as needed.

Workshops and training

Designed and provided by Anne Riggs PhD.   All materials and morning tea provided.


Garden studio, Highett.


Details about each workshops/group, and the cost is available on my website  Or email for a flyer.


0417 526 636


All bookings are through Trying Bookings.  A link to each program is available on my website.   


If you have an NDIS plan, you may be able to attend these workshops as part of your program.  I can provide an invoice or quote to your provider.


If you are making a claim to VOCAT and want to include art in your recovery plan, I can provide you with a quote.

Download Calendar :

Art for Soothing Calendar to June