ART for Soothing & Strengthening. Why come?

Women who come to these groups want to explore art making and their creativity for all sorts of reasons.   One might be to learn new skills, or to challenge themselves creatively, another might be to express emotions and what has shaped their lives, others want to come to have three hours “me time”, time to relax doing something enjoyable.   And some come because of all these reasons.   

Who are they for?

These groups are for women who have been affected by sexual abuse and/or domestic violence.   That may be as a victim/survivor or a witness.   The are also for women who have a mental illness because of trauma.

How are these groups useful to women who have been affected by sexual abuse and/or domestic violence?

  • First off, they are enjoyable!  These groups can be the highlight of the week and women look forward to coming.  
  • They give women a place to explore their creative self – sometimes a desire that many have held for years.
  • By creating meaningful artwork , women rightly feel proud.   This increases their sense of self worth and self confidence.
  • Women are supported by a knowledgable and compassionate artist – and nurtured with good coffee and snacks! 
  • The groups are positive and forward looking.

ART for Soothing & Strengthening groups are small.   You have a range of materials at your fingertips – clay, mosaic, painting and drawing, and time, space and guidance for you to create your own project.


I am in the process of becoming an NDIS provider.  In the meantime, if you are on a managed plan, I can invoice for these groups.

Need to know anything more?   Just ask me!

Some of the work created in these groups :

A stunning mosaic made by Nat.   She made the clothes out of clay, painted and glazed them.   The work reflects her past – but has done so in a way that is not overwhelming to the viewer.  For those who know or can interpret the context, the work powerfully reflects  the child hurt by abuse.

The little clothes before being put into the mosaic.

This striking ink drawing was created after the maker, Justine, was inspired by the work of artist Kathe Kollwitz.   This participant in keen to try out all sorts of materials and ways of creating.  I love her openness to trying new things, and her boldness with line, and her approach.   She comes to the group to relax.


These large drawings were challenging!   One was black on white paper, the other white on black paper.



I love these drawings she did of me with my little cat – who uncharacteristically enjoys being present for this group.

More studies in ink/


This powerful and heart breaking piece was created by Chantelle who was contemplating the baggage she carries.   I took this photo in the studio;  she took the work home and added to it.


Art is the place to explore all these things – the difficult past and the emotions and damage that is the residue of it.   Art is also the place to create and become the person you want to be.

If this sounds like it might be your thing – the next group starts on April 26.   Download flyer and booking information here:  2019 Trauma group.