ART for Soothing & Strengthening: trauma and mental health

If you first think that this is the LAST group you would want to join,  A TRAUMA group!,  you have yet to discover that creating art with others who have a similar life story is uplifting, nurturing and fun.  And serious.

These creative groups are about you have time just for you to be in a studio, and be creative with others who understand where you are coming from.  For those new to the visual arts, I will help you get started in whatever medium you like – clay, mosaics, drawing, or painting.   For those who are more practiced, you might like to set up a project that you can work on over some weeks.  I will help you with ideas, techniques and encouragement, as well as coffee and snacks!

The ART for Soothing & Strengthening program is a recognition that you have been through – and may still be going through  – tough experiences.  So you probably need a little TLC from time to time.

Women who have been to The ART for Soothing & Strengthening programs enjoy the small sized groups, the studio environment, the opportunity to share (or not share) their experiences and to immerse themselves into something positive and forward looking.

Ten years of research tells me that being part of a specialised creative group gives participants a new outlook on life and on their own potential; participants love having this  to look forward to each week, as well as something to do in the time between sessions. This can assist with managing depression, anxiety, as well as addictions, and loneliness.

Look at some of the work that has been created in our groups and you can see why women will feel a boost to self confidence and mental health.


You may be eligible to have this program paid for through NDIS.   I can invoice your provider.