ART in a time of ….

Hi everyone.   I don’t really want to say ART in a time of crisis … it feels so negative and maybe in your home you are feeling OK and calm.   I really hope so.    We have all had to adjust the way we live and interact and I have created a couple of videos which may give you something enjoyable to do whilst you are confined to barracks.

I originally started them for participants in a group I run for women who have been sexually abused, but I know that others have enjoyed participating, and maybe you will too.

They are inspired from artworks I collected from Nepal and India and love.  I hope you do too, and will be inspired to create your own artworks.   I would love to see your results!

So far there are two videos:   Part one is below. and this is  the link to part twoArt in a time of … continued

If you look on my other website Artists in Community you will see other examples of this project, particularly done in India and Nepal