Some more proud NDIS participant moments

The majority of women who use the studio have trauma-related mental ill-health.  Art making is relaxing, the conversations are uplifting, and the studio time gives women the opportunity to create and explore through art.   Here are a few recent examples

BELOW : Some of the many artworks created by Alyssa, a teen who lives with autism and an intellectual disability.   Over the year I have been working with her she has taken up the challenge to try new things, explore new art forms and materials,  work on large and small scale papers; she has enjoyed being inspired by a range of artists including Georgia O’Keeffe and Mark Rothko.  She is encouraged to be inspired – not copy – to notice things and take something from these artists into her own work.

Now approaching the end of her school life, she has set up a studio at home.






BELOW Lucy is  young woman, new to the studio.  One of her goals is to participate more in activities, and art is one of these.   I am encouraging Lucy to try new things – and also to do an artwork each day at home.




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