A little library on Suffering and Joy : Bunjil Place library

A selection of my hand made artists books on exhibition at the Bunjil library during May 2021. This is part of an on-going and long term project – a small library of books on Suffering and Joy. Many books are a reflection on trauma, grief and loss, whilst others are an immersion into nature – a great source of joy to me.

The exhibition at Bunjil is just part of the library; there are more! Fifteen tiny books on nature were part of the Flora exhibition at Dandenong; there was not enough space for the A1 meditation on loneliness and isolation … but I am sure you get the idea from this range of books.

The books are made in a variety of materials and techniques – from ceramic, to paper, collage, fabric and sewing, and text. Some are contained in beautiful boxes created by David Pool of Wildash Books.

laying out the books for the install, Mayt 2021

from Casey Arts :

Now showing at the Bunjil Place Library Art Space, Anne Riggs’ stunning exhibition of paintings and artist books. A Little Library on Suffering and Joy ….showing until Sunday 30 May Anne’s hand-made books are an offering on loss, joy, grief and remembering – themes which most of us will confront. The books are imbued with memories that make no demands on exactness but rather on their importance, their resonance, and their need for expression.

one of the three display cases of hand made books
concertina book from cut out magazines from The Age and Sunday Age, describing the impact of childhood abuse – the ‘before’ and after.
Drawings and cabinets at the Bunjil library
exhibition at Bunjil Library, including four drawings from Tasmania, and three from the Grampians.