May/June 2021

I am very fortunate to live quite close to the beautiful Sandringham, Hampton and Black Rock beaches in the south of Melbourne. Unlike the bay closer to the city, around here there are cliffs, fossils, interesting geological formations, middens, native rats and I saw my first bandicoot not so long ago. There are huge banksias, tea-trees, and other coastal plants,

I often head down to the beach at the end of the day, regardless of the weather above my house, because it can be quite spectacularly different down there; always beautiful and uplifting. I especially love it when the sky and sea are almost identical in colour, that soft blue/grey, when the water is totally still and it is almost impossible to discern where the horizon lies.

Last week Victoria (the state where I live) experienced two days of ferocious storms; it was wintry. We were pummelled by rain and incredible winds that brought many trees and powerlines down across the state and kept most of us indoors for those two days. The next day, both sea and sky were awash with pinks and mauves – a reward for the two previously hideous days.