International Nature Journaling Week, 2022

I began nature journaling during lockdown when Amy Diana ran monthly a on-line nature journal club. I love the combination of the visual arts with writing, memory, botany, the environment in any combination the maker desires. I have made dozens of small books, observing and noting the goings on in my garden and local environment. Sitting at my table at the end of the day with pencil, pen and watercolours, a little bit of the natural world which I have collected on a walk, an audio book and a cat or two nearby is bliss for me.

This is a concertina book I made during International Nature Journaling Week 2022. The week began on 1 June, the first day of our winter – and didn’t it come in with a blast! I have to admit to feeling envious of those in the northern hemisphere whose journals noted long days, vibrant gardens and lots and lots of goings on in their natural world. It was a lot starker in our winter gardens.

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